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What Is Alum ?

Alum, or stone of alum, is a mineral that is produced from salt, and is naturally present in various geographies of the planet. It has been in common use for many years, with a special predilection for cosmetic and textile industries.

Two varieties of alum stones are known, the natural one and the one processed synthetically. In its natural state, the alum stone is easily recognizable, because it lets light pass through it (it is translucent). Its composition is rich in potassium, which makes it healthier for consumption. For its part, the composition of the synthetic alum stone is rich in ammonium and aluminum, which makes it less favorable for human consumption.

What Is Alum Good For ? Benefits, Uses And Applications

Alum stone offers various benefits and applications, as it carries a variety of natural properties. It is a mineral with astringent, antiseptic properties, and antibacterial and hypoallergenic effects are attributed to it. Its effect is to create a transparent film that helps combat odors and the accumulation of bacteria. In addition, it allows the skin to breathe and does not damage it.

In ancient times, alum was administered in various ways, as an effective astringent, highly recommended and prescribed as a remedy for a long list of diseases. Topically, it was administered against fungal formations, gum pain, ulcers and athlete’s foot, among others. In this article we will mention some of the uses of alum stone

Alum Serves As A Natural Deodorant

A simple and natural form of deodorant is provided by alum. For that you only need to moisten it a little and apply it on the desired area. In this sense it is important to dry the area well before applying the alum stone, otherwise the effect would not be as desired. It is reusable, taking care to clean it, dry it and store it very well after each application.

Ideal For Treating And Curing Canker Sores

Alum stone contains prominent antibacterial and healing properties, which make it an ally to fight and eliminate the bacteria that cause unpleasant canker sores, and accelerate the healing process. These qualities of the alum stone reduce the time required to reduce and heal the canker sore, in some cases disappearing in a day.

It Is Useful For Healing Small Wounds

Two valuable cosmetic uses of alum stone are to heal minor wounds caused by manicure and shaving, as it helps to stop the bleeding of small wounds and facilitates their healing. The key element in this sense is potassium, which helps in the contraction of the skin, limiting the fluidity of the blood, in addition to having an effective healing action.

Cleaner Water With Alum

The water can be treated, if necessary, with alum to make it suitable for use in some domestic activities. However, this can be done only circumstantially, if strictly necessary, since specialists warn that daily consumption of water with alum is not the best option for health. It should be remembered that alum in its natural form contains some impurities and metals that are toxic to the human body, such as chromium.

Alum Stone For Weight Loss

Although well known for a long time, few know that alum stone is a mineral that has been commonly used for weight loss. Its benefits are varied, of which its use in cosmetics in general stands out, because it is an ally of the skin.

In addition, the stone of alum is an effective ally as a slimming agent, being effective in reducing body weight. To take advantage of the ability of the alum stone to lose weight in a relatively short time, it must be ground, pulverized. Then you should look for an unflavored gelatin envelope and a liter of water, proceed to mix everything. This mixture is distributed in separate containers with ice cubes, to be frozen individually. Finally, when the ice cubes are created and solid, it is placed on the areas that you want to lose weight.

Is Alum Dangerous ?

All forms of alum can cause irritation of the skin and mucous membranes. Inhaling alum can cause lung damage, especially due to the presence of aluminum, which affects lung tissue. On the other hand, because it is a salt, the intake of high doses of alum is harmful to the body.

In many cases, ingesting alum causes vomiting, but for anyone who can hold it back, alum could alter the ionic balance in the bloodstream, the same as an overdose of any other electrolyte. In any case, the main precaution to be taken with alum is long-term exposure, even at low levels.

Alum Stone For The Face

A study published by «The National Institute of Health», in the United States, states that alum stone is excellent for the skin, due to its hypoallergenic properties, which improve the appearance of the skin without producing allergic reactions.

If you are looking to delay aging, you will find an ally in the alum stone. For this you only need to take the stone and soak it in cold water. Then you apply it to your face in circular motions, which will activate blood circulation and help prevent fine lines.

For skin care, the alum stone will be your best ally, being able to take it wherever you go; And the best of all is that you can find it in the supermarket, pharmacy or health food store.

Alum Stone For Hair Removal

If you want to get rid of those hair whose appearance or location you dislike, take a small piece of alum stone and combine it with sandalwood; proceed to rub the alum with circular movements together with rose water until it becomes an ointment. Apply it like a mask and rub it in gently when it is almost dry.

Alum Stone For Acne

It is an ally to combat pimples and acne, as it contains elements that reduce the oil that accumulates on the skin and acts as an antiseptic, cleaning and disinfecting the skin, and preventing new acne breakouts.

In addition, the alum stone helps soothe skin irritations and accelerates the wound healing process, so that it not only removes impurities but also reduces the marks left by unpleasant pimples on the skin.

To do this, what you can do is simply place the soaked alum stone on the face, placing greater emphasis on the affected area. In this sense, it is important that you wash your face well before.

Final Words

Being its usefulness and benefit so old, we know its limitations, the prudent way to use it and the ease of accessing the alum stone. You can start at any time to take advantage of its properties, and you only need the prudence that every ally of health and well-being deserves.

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