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Camphor is a solid, flammable, white or transparent substance found in the wood of the Borneo tree. It has a distinctive fresh smell and is one of the key ingredients in the famous expectorants and decongestant vapors. For this reason it has interesting medical benefits. But what is it for?

Have you heard this word from your grandmother and have no idea what she is talking about? Camphor has its origin in Asia, thanks to the Borneo tree and has been brought to many countries for a long time, thanks to its multiple medicinal properties.

After several chemical studies carried out by different scientists, the first artificial camphor as such was totally synthesized by the Finnish chemist Gustaf Komppa in 1903. Four years later its industrial production began in Finland.

It has been used in traditional medicine for dozens of years, as well as to scent environments. Its presentation can vary, you find it in oil, balm or creams, powder and even in pills.

What is Camphor Used For ? Benefits

The main and most notable characteristic of this substance is its aroma, which makes it an ideal flavoring and pesticide, it is also used for pain in the muscles and to control congested respiratory tract, however its consumption in excess can become toxic and it is usually supplied with control.

Today we show you its properties and the health benefits of Camphor. Of course, like everything, you have to use it in moderation.

1. It is Good as a Remedy for Colds

The grandmothers used it as a remedy for colds or when we had a stuffy nose, because thanks to its characteristic smell it is good for decongesting the respiratory tract. You just have to rub a few drops of camphor oil with some odorless cream on your chest, and voila!

2. Herpes Labialis

Camphor will prevent the pain and itchiness of cold sores. To do this, mix a few drops of the oil with extra virgin coconut oil and apply it with a cotton ball directly on the herpes.

3. As an Insecticide

Above all it helps to drive away small insects and mosquitoes. Find a camphor pill or moisten cotton balls with its oil and put them in some corners of your room.

4. To Fight Acne

Camphor is a natural anti-inflammatory, so it will help reduce acne inflammation and redness. Apply it along with another oil on acne and massage the area for 5 minutes. Then, leave it overnight and remove it the next day with water.

5. Ally to Relieve Muscle Pain

Camphor is also beneficial for muscle aches due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Make your own hot sesame oil salve (in the microwave) and mash up some pieces of camphor. Mix and apply on the area where you feel pain. You will notice an immediate improvement.

6. Cough Remedy

Camphor is a good cough remedy. Its aroma not only clears the chest, but also clears the nose. In fact, there are many drugs that use it as the main ingredient. But how can you use it at home? Fill a spoon with almond oil and add a few drops of camphor. Next, rub your chest gently.

7. Some Burns and Heal Wounds

For minor burns or scars that irritate the skin, it is a very effective remedy. You can dissolve camphor cubes in a portion of coconut oil and apply constantly to the affected area until you notice an improvement.

8. Scalp Problems

It is an excellent treatment for dandruff, constant hair loss and mistreatment.

9. Calluses

To reduce the discomfort caused by corns, camphor oil is perfect, as it is a very strong antiseptic.

Camphor Contraindications

It is not for everybody. Despite the fact that camphor has health benefits, it is not recommended to use it during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, if you have epilepsy, Parkinson’s and in children.

Nor should it be applied to open wounds, nasal passages or if you have delicate skin, nor should it be included in liver, biliary, urinary tract infections and colic treatments. Also, there are many who say that camphor helps you lose weight, but there is no scientific data on this fact.

Final Words

Used properly, camphor is an ally for a variety of aspects of daily life and with a low price / value ratio, which can help us address issues that affect our quality of life.

Taking into account prudence and moderation in its use, we can take advantage of it. Of particular relevance, let us keep in mind that when using it for medicinal purposes, it is advisable to consult the opinion of our family doctor.

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