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Garlic is a perennial plant native to western Asia, it was introduced to the Mediterranean more than seven thousand years ago, where it began to be cultivated by the Romans and the Greeks.

Its original name, allium, comes from the Latin which in turn It comes from a Celtic term that means «to burn», referring to the strong acrid smell, that is to say, pungent and harsh to the human nose, as it is in fact one of its main characteristics.

This characteristic makes it an undesirable food for many, who prefer to avoid its consumption, especially if it is presented raw, due to the strong aroma it has; However, garlic, used as a complement and ingredient to prepare many dishes of international cuisine, is a very healthy food for the body, which is why it has also been used in traditional medicine.

Garlic What Is It Used For? Benefits

Among other properties, it is an antioxidant, strengthens the immune system and improves our cardiovascular health. Do you want to know how eating raw garlic benefits you?

1. Natural Antibiotic


Garlic is one of the most powerful natural antibiotics that we can find. It is very effective in fighting large numbers of microorganisms. In addition, it also has antiparasitic properties that fight worms such as tapeworms (tapeworms). It is, therefore, a remedy that we must always have at hand.

2. Improves Circulation


Garlic helps lower cholesterol and prevents it from sticking to artery walls. In this way, we can say that, in general, it promotes good circulation.

In this sense, it also prevents obstructions in the arteries or arteriosclerosis, which is one of the main causes of heart attacks and strokes. Garlic purifies the blood and also reduces hypertension.

3. Kidneys and Bladder


Consuming a raw garlic daily is a simple and very healing habit. It helps us prevent and treat most problems related to the kidneys and bladder. This habit must be accompanied by another simple and inexpensive gesture such as drinking water. We will drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, outside of meals.

4. Anticancer


Garlic has anticancer properties capable of blocking the formation of powerful carcinogens. An example is nitrosamine. These can occur during the digestion process of some foods. Those who consume raw garlic every day would reduce the risk of cancer. It is, therefore, a medicinal food that we should all consume.

5. Strengthens the Immune System


Garlic, thanks to its antiviral and bactericidal properties, strengthens the immune system. Therefore, we can say that it raises the defenses of our body. Thus, garlic keeps different respiratory infections, such as colds and flu, away. We have the best natural antibiotic at our fingertips.

6. Healthy Skin


Its antioxidant properties help repair skin tissues. In this way, if we consume it daily and raw, we will maintain a young and luminous skin. A garlic mask is great for softening the skin. In addition, it stimulates cell regeneration and prevents premature aging.

7. Rich in Vitamins


To summarize all its medicinal benefits, we tell you that it is a food very rich in nutrients. In particular, it stands out for its content of vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. Thanks to this, it is good for fighting many disorders. For example, anemia, controlling obesity, purifying the liver, improving the nervous system and stimulating digestion.

How to Consume Garlic to Obtain its Benefits ?

As we have already mentioned, the ideal is to consume it raw to take advantage of 100% all its benefits. We are used to eating it cooked in different recipes. However, we must clear that in this way garlic can lose up to 90% of its properties.

Another option is to consume it through garlic tablets, extracts or paste, which retain much of its essential contents. In addition, this way we avoid part of the bad breath it causes.

In any case, it is best to consume it raw. This is the most effective way to take advantage of all its benefits. In addition, it is much cheaper.

Contraindication: Solving Bad Breath

Bad breath can be avoided. Although its strong smell can be unpleasant, its multiple curative and preventive properties justify the antisocial effects. To avoid the typical bad breath or possible burning, it is advisable to remove the garlic germ, which is the place where its characteristic odor is concentrated and which is usually indigestible.

To combat bad breath, although there is no infallible remedy, it is recommended to chew parsley or mint leaves for a while.

We can chew parsley, fresh mint or celery leaves, which have the ability to neutralize the smell thanks to their chlorophyll content. After chewing some of these leaves, the ideal is to finish rinsing your mouth with water and a few drops of lemon.

Why are Garlic Good for Your Health ?

Garlic is very inexpensive and we may have it in our kitchen all the time. It is worth knowing all its uses in health. In addition to using it in our meals, we must consider including it more frequently in our diet.

A raw garlic has antiseptic, fungicidal, bactericidal and cleansing properties, because it contains a compound called allicin. This is the one that acts against thousands of viruses and bacteria.

Final Words

Since ancient times, garlic has been considered one of the best condiments in gastronomy. Due to its particular flavor, it is ideal to season many recipes very well. In addition, it also became famous thanks to its medicinal properties that promote our health in different ways.

In recent years, research has focused on studying the health benefits of garlic. This food has been found to be healthier and more useful than we can ever imagine.

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Garlic What Is It Used For ? Benefits

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