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Feeling that we protect our loved ones and belongings in our homes is a priority and important. Security cameras offer us that possibility, deterring potential intruders, capturing them on video or notifying us in advance, but it’s important to know where to install them.

A proper arrangement of surveillance cameras will allow you to monitor what is happening in real time, record high-quality video of a thief and help the authorities catch him. These are some of the advantages of installing security cameras in your home, both inside and outside.

Another advantage is that you can always be aware of everything that happens, whether you are on vacation or at the office, all of remotely.

Where to Install Security Cameras in the House?

Today there are many brands and models of security cameras on the market, from the simplest and most basic to others with the most advanced technology, but all very easy to use and install to give you security and peace of mind.

There are many functions and features that we can find in security cameras, such as, motion sensors, night vision, alert notifications, real-time images, among other. A very important one is the scope of the surveillance camera.

You just have to worry about where to place them according to your needs and identifying the most vulnerable areas of your home. In this article we will give you several options of where to install the security cameras in your home, to obtain a better and efficient operation.

Location of CCTV Cameras Outside

Below we recommend the outdoor layout in which you could place either individual cameras or a kit of security cameras.

Entrance door

Intruders or owners of what belongs to others generally do not look for the main doors to enter homes, but they can make a quick arrival to steal packages left by couriers. We recommend installing a security camera at the entrance of your home so you can be aware of who is arriving, from family members to delivery personnel or strangers.

Another option is video doorbells, you can use them as the main camera or as backup for other cameras on your network.

Rear and side doors

Back doors or basement doors, as opposed to front doors, are favorite for intruders as they can sneak into your home unseen. That is why we recommend installing security cameras in these places, so you can guarantee constant monitoring of who enters and exits or approaches the secondary or basement doors.

Garage and its entrance

Don’t forget the garage, where you keep your tools, bikes, sports equipment, car, among other valuables, and where thieves won’t miss an opportunity to steal them. This will give you added security and deter intruders from breaking in.

Front and rear windows

Windows can provide access to thieves, so placing video surveillance cameras in those areas can help keep your home safe, especially your back windows.

You can capture and record strangers approaching your windows because they saw an opportunity to easily enter or to peek and assess the interior of your home.

Patio or Garden

Place security cameras in the garden or patio to monitor who may be stalking or watching your home, looking for an opportunity to break in.

Arrangement of Security Cameras Inside

Now some ideas to place them inside the house.

In common areas

Inside your home we recommend installing security cameras in common areas, such as the living room, kitchen, main entrance and dining room. Take into account the privacy of the people who live in the house before installing the camcorders in these places, notify or ask permission.

Main staircase or hallway

Place security cameras in hallways and stairwells, since thieves and intruders can enter through the window of an unmonitored bathroom or room and move around undetected by the inside your home. So you can capture it on video if it moves around the house.

Security camera placement laws

With the rise and popularity of outdoor security cameras, there have been concerns and disputes between neighbors over the issue of privacy. The legality of a security camera depends on what it is used for, what it records and what is done with what is captured on video.

We are not lawyers and this is not advice, but to avoid some problems we mention some points of reference.

In the following scenarios, you can legally point security cameras at your home:

  1. If the camera is capturing a wide area.
  2. The material recorded and captured falls within legal use.

Where can’t you put surveillance cameras?

You can’t legally have security cameras pointed at a house…

  1. If the video captured by a security camera has a use other than surveillance.
  2. If the security cameras point to an area where a person feels their expectations of privacy invaded.

Legalities vary by country or city, so be sure to do your research before installing your security camera.


Everything is up to your criteria and needs, from the number of security cameras you want to install, to the places where you will install them.

Installing security cameras in the aforementioned and recommended places could be beneficial, always making sure to respect the privacy of your neighbors, your own and the people that live with you.

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