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Modern security camera systems can be expensive, which can lead to hesitation in deciding whether to upgrade the one you already have in your business or home. If you want to protect your investment, updating your surveillance camera system would be an investment, which in the short, medium and long term, would be reflected in the decrease of security failure incidents.

Any electronic device, the older it is, the more likely it is to fail. Older security camera systems do not have video quality, they are less discreet. You have to have time or personnel to review the videos.

They require more maintenance, which means that you need to confirm that the company that maintains the security system is still in business and that the service contract is in force. Another activity may involve checking whether the necessary parts and components for maintenance and repair are available, and so the list goes on. Read on!

Disadvantages of not upgrading your old security camera system

More Downtime

As they are older devices, they are more likely to fail frequently, because they are not properly maintained. For small businesses, having a downed camera is equivalent to the loss of a large coverage. 

For businesses with a larger number of cameras, it can cause a chain reaction failure and this can be a disaster that can affect security.

Low Quality

On these old devices the resolution and video quality is lousy. Low quality grainy images that when zoomed in get worse and blurry, making it impossible to recognize a person. Older analog security cameras send a video signal to the digital video recorder (DVR) which processes and records, resulting in a lower frame rate and limited resolution. 

Video quality has come a long way in recent years. Don’t wait until your business is robbed or you can’t identify the license plate of a vehicle that caused damage in your parking lot before you make the decision to change your security camera system.

Storage Problems

Analog security cameras use DVRs to record, process and store video. These analog systems do not have much storage capacity.

Business owners who still use these cameras believe they are saving money by not upgrading their surveillance cameras. This lack of storage capacity often means more money is spent to purchase additional DVRs to store the videos.

Fewer Options

The old security camera kits lack many of the advanced options that today’s technology allows. Features such as remote accessibility or the ability to integrate with access control structures and alarms among many other advantages offered by modern equipment.

Some Advantages of Upgrading your Security Camera System

1. It is important that you can track your company or business from anywhere at any time. That’s why we recommend an up-to-date digital surveillance camera system, with standard remote viewing access options. It will allow you to monitor your employees, your business and opportunistic thieves from anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

2. IP security systems offer fewer points of failure and ease of service and maintenance, reducing the time of a security system downtime.

3. If the IP security camera experiences a failure, a technician can often fix the problem remotely.

4. Take a proactive approach by upgrading your business to an IP security camera system that will enable you to capture high-resolution images on devices that offer features such as Pan-Tilt-Zoom.

5. License plate recognition and remote viewing options will keep your workplace safer. 

6. One of the most common methods of compressing and storing video is H.264, usually present in a current IP security camera system. It reduces the video data to about a quarter of its original size, which allows you to store more video on your network recorder (NVR). 

These compression capabilities make it possible to reduce overall storage needs while capturing a higher quality image that can be digitally expanded. That way, images can be examined in greater detail.


We understand that today’s demands on companies or businesses, especially those operating 24/7, must be able to use their security camera systems for more than just recording images. 

Some security camera systems offer a comprehensive software package that allows for seamless integration of access control.

They will help you control entry to restricted areas such as the server room, even when your regular office staff has gone home for the day.

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Why Security Cameras Should be Upgraded ?
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Why Security Cameras Should be Upgraded ?
If you want to protect your investment, updating your security camera system would be an investment, which in the short, medium and long term, would be reflected in the decrease of security failure incidents.
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