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A wire crimper is the tool used to cut, strip and splice cables. It is widely used by people who work with networks and computers.

In the market you will find many models with different features and quality, getting confused is easy. Therefore, in this article we will give you tips for use and a guide to the best crimpers.

Wire Crimping Tool: Buying Guide

Find out more about this tool, its definition, how it works, its types and some recommendations in case you are thinking of buying one at a good price.

What is a Wire Crimper And What Is It Used For ?

The Wire Crimper is a tool used to crimp two metal pieces or other malleable material by deforming one or both pieces. This deformation will keep them together safely, using this system instead of welding you can save time and gain security.

The crimping pliers are available in different sizes and designs and can be used for example in coaxial cable connectors, cable meshes and bullet terminals.

How Does A Wire Crimping Machine Work ?

Cables are placed in the connector and once they are all in place, the punch is placed and the handles are squeezed, the tool pierces the plastic connector and clamps each of the cables, this allows the data to be transmitted to through the connector.


There are different types and sizes of crimpers, it depends on the size of the jaw, the manual grip, the material and the pressure capacity.

There are also multipurpose crimping pliers, which have additional features like wire cutters and shredders to complement the tool.

Most of the punching machines are manual, but there are also the hydraulic ones for those who need more force or who make many splices per day. Below we describe each type and we present the best-selling model on Amazon.

Electrical Terminal Crimper

Punching machines are generally classified based on the diameter or gauge of the cable. The American Wire Gauge (AWG) system classifies cables with an ascending number table, that is, the higher the rating, the smaller the diameter of the cable. Larger wire diameters are expressed as a series of zeros.

Crimping pliers are often designed for a range of different wire sizes, spanning four to eight different sizes to make the crimping pliers useful.

Some crimping pliers can handle more than ten gauge sizes. It is important to find crimping pliers that will handle the proper and necessary wire gauges for your job.

Dieless crimping pliers are much more common and are intended for general purpose crimping actions because they do not have a predetermined shape.

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If you handle large cables you will need a stronger crimper for the job, for this we recommend the hydraulic crimper, since it exerts enormous pressure on metals such as aluminum and copper, providing a better crimp and a stronger union.

The hydraulic crimper is shaped like pliers, although they are larger in size.

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Impact Crimper

It is a manual crimper used to connect cables and networks to a patch panel, perforated panel, or mounting box.

The name comes from putting a cable in place using the impact action, it is composed of a spring mechanism and a removable blade that cuts the excess of the connected cable.


If you are a professional who punches a large number of cables, manual crimpers will not be useful. We recommend instead the electric ones, to facilitate work and avoid fatigue and tiredness of the hands.

Electric punching machines retract and open automatically to let you know that punching is complete.

Terminals for Crimpers

A crimp terminal is a type of solderless electrical connector used to terminate stranded wire. Depending on the type, the crimp connectors can be terminated in different configurations. Look at the offers on Amazon.

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Top 5 Crimpers on Today’s Market

There is a wide variety of crimpers, all with interesting features. If you are thinking of buying a crimper, we have prepared an analysis of 5 brands and models, the best quality and most sold on Amazon, pointing out the characteristics, pros and cons, to simplify your work.

Choosing the right crimper for you is easy if you know the aspects to take into account. Let’s get started !!

PRECIVA Wire Crimping Machine

The Preciva crimper is a compact, versatile and self-adjusting tool. It automatically adjusts to the appropriate diameter for pressing, suitable for both small and large jobs. Its structure is durable and compact, crimps connectors without and with insulation, it is easy to use and comfortable.


  1. Kit includes crimping pliers and 1200 insulated terminals
  2. The crimp area is 0.25 to 10mm².
  3. Relatively light, weight 499 grams
  4. Made of sturdy metal


  • Good tool at a good price
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable and compact
  • Automatically adjusts to the appropriate diameter for pressing


  • When connectors run out, it is very difficult to find them without having to buy another kit

METERK Punching Machine

Attaching the cables firmly to the terminals is now a breeze thanks to the Meterk Stripper and Crimper Kit.

The resistance of its materials, its multifunctionality, ergonomics and the completeness of this kit make it a wise choice. It has the advantage of being able to adapt to different ranges of pressing and terminals.

The Meterk crimper comes in a practical case that allows organization and protection of the tool.


  1. Shipment includes a crimping pliers, a high-quality stripper, three wire spacers, a screwdriver and the storage case
  2. The design and grip of the handle and its light and compact structure ensure a perfect setting effect
  3. Professional tool with self-adjusting ratchet mechanism for easy operation
  4. Works with most non-insulated crimp terminals and connectors


  • Strong and robust, made of special manganese steel
  • Easy to use, it is a highly maneuverable tool
  • Ergonomic design that provides great comfort, so you can use it as long as you need without fatigue


  • The stripper works with a specific size of cables, trying to strip cables of other diameters damages them

AWEOHTLE with Additional Headers

One of the best crimping machines on the market, adjustable pressure force by means of a wheel, secured by a screw. Very surely this crimper will meet your needs.

Makes a secure connection between two wires without soldering for effective electrical repair. This kit has 2 additional heads (HS-40J and HS-10WF) and a screwdriver, it is perfect for professional use.


  1. Adjustable pressure: tighten clockwise and loosen counterclockwise
  2. The Aweohtle crimper is suitable for both domestic and industrial use
  3. Ratchet structure saves 50% of manual pressure.
  4. You will receive 1 high-quality crimper, 2 heads, 1 screwdriver and 2 boxes of 800 and 370 pieces of terminals
  5. The total shipping weight is 1.26 Kg


  • Perfect for professional use
  • Easy to use
  • Leaves terminals perfectly crimped


  • It has no cons, since it is a very complete kit with a very good quality-price ratio

HOMCA Terminal Crimper

A good quality crimping tool that is useful for small jobs at home, it can be used on household appliances, computers, cars, motorcycles, boats and more. Manufactured from a high quality alloy for a long life of use.


  • Its use is recommended for most electronic equipment
  • Homca crimper purchase includes 1050 pieces with 5 different specifications to support your diversity of work
  • Provides a comfortable experience and reduces hand fatigue
  • Self-locking function for easy operation


  • Excellent for small jobs at home
  • Good operation of the mechanism, with a precise pressing
  • A very complete kit


  • The tool is not for professional use

IZOKEE Terminal Crimping Pliers

The IZOKEE crimper is made of high carbon steel, it has four sizes built into the jaw that allow it to adapt to various sizes of cables.


  1. It has a high pressing power without exerting much brute force, this prevents hand fatigue.
  2. The ratchet function allows the looper to be pushed to a point and released, there the looper is locked. It can then be pressed again to complete the crimping process and release the lock
  3. High accuracy
  4. Made of steel with excellent finish
  5. Length 190 mm


  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • Achieves crimp pressure with little force application
  • Easy to use


  • They only sell the Crimping pliers, the terminals have to be purchased separately

How To Crimp A Cable With An Rj45 Connector Step By Step


We will briefly explain to you in an easy way how to crimp a cable with an RJ45 connector, images courtesy of

With the crimper, trim the ends of the wire you will use, to make sure all the ends are even.


Being careful not to damage the inner lead wires, strip approximately 1 inch or 2.54 cm of the cable jacket, using the crimping pliers.



Separate the 4 twisted pairs of wires from each other and then unroll each pair so that you end up with 8 individual wires. Flatten the cables as much as possible, as they will need to be very straight for proper insertion into the connector.


Hold the wire with the wire ends facing out. Moving from left to right, arrange the cables in a flat ribbon formation, side to side, placing them in the following order: white / orange, solid orange, white / green, solid blue, white / blue, solid green, white / brown, solid brown.


Holding the RJ45 connector so that its pins are facing out and the side of the plug clip is facing down, carefully insert the flat and arranged cables into the connector, pushing them until the ends of the cable come out of the pins. For added strength of the connection, also push most of the cable jacket into the connector.


Check and make sure that the ends of the wire coming out of the pin side of the connector are in the correct order; otherwise remove them from the connector, reinsert them in the proper formation. Remember, once the connector is crimped onto the wire, it will be permanent. If after finishing the job you realize that you have made a mistake you will have to cut the cable and start again.


Insert the prepared cable into the RJ45 slot on your crimper and firmly squeeze the handles until you can’t move on. Release the handles and repeat this step to ensure proper crimp.


If your crimper does not automatically cut the ends of the wire when finished, carefully cut them so that they are as flush as possible with the surface of the connector. The closer the ends of the cable are, the better your final connection will be.


After the first termination is complete, repeat the process on the opposite end of your cable.


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