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The YI Home 720p camera is one of the best options in cameras for indoor surveillance, as it offers, in addition to a discreet design, a fascinating video quality and resolution.

Security is one of the primary factors in our lives, that is why acquiring a YI home surveillance camera 720p for your home, business or office turns out to be a purchase with great benefits for it.

Where to Buy the YI Home 720P Camera ?

There are a wide variety of stores, both physical and online, that display the YI Home 720p camera for sale, however, if you want to buy this camera at the best price from the market quickly and safely, without a doubt your best choice will be Amazon.

As one of the most important online department stores in the world, Amazon guarantees us a successful purchase, in which we will receive the camera at the door of our house, with all the necessary accessories for its installation and in a few days after the online purchase.

Advantages of this Surveillance Camera Model YI Home:

✔️ This camera has Wi-Fi technology with which we can connect to configure it through the YI mobile application, which is available in 5 languages.

✔️ It has a high video resolution of 1280 x 720 in HD quality, which provides an excellent visualization to the user of the spaces that are being watched. It has motion sensors and night vision that, when detecting any regularity, sends an alert as a notification through the application to our cell phone, Email photo or FTP photo.

✔️ All videos recorded by this camera will be uploaded to the cloud when the microSD memory starts to run out of space.

YI Home 720P Camera Features:

Being one of the most popular cameras of the YI Technology brand, the YI Home 720p, is provided with a series of incredible technical features, of which we can highlight:

  • High resolution HD 1280 x 720
  • 111° wide angle lens
  • Wifi 802.11 b/g/n
  • Non-invasive 940nm infrared sensor
  • 1MP CMOS sensor
  • Digital zoom x4
  • Supports Micro SD card up to 32GB (Not included)
  • H.264 video compression format
  • Built-in microphone and audio input for external speaker

What is the Best Deal for YI Home 720P Camera ?

Among all the stores that offer this camera within their products, the best offer found for the YI Home 720p camera is found in the official store of the YI Technology brand within Amazon in which it is exhibited with an excellent price and free shipping.

User reviews:

The vast majority of users, both those who have purchased this camera and have installed it together with other similar ones creating a comprehensive surveillance system, as well as those who have only installed it in a specific space, they rated the YI Home 720p camera with a 5-star rating for its outstanding video quality and functionality.

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Security is one of the main factors in our lives, that is why acquiring a YI Home 720P surveillance camera for your home, business or office turns out to be a purchase with great benefits for it. Know its characteristics, prices, advantages and where to buy it
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